Types of Marijuana

There are three distinctive types of marijuana; Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Often times people prefer not to smoke because they said it makes them lazy and sleepy; however, learning the difference between the types of marijuana will allow you to enjoy your experience more.

Indica is more of a body high, where you will feel sedated and relaxed. Indica is generally used for insomnia or pain relief. Indica plants are generally purple and tend to be shorter and bushier and is usually grown outdoors. Due to the harsh climates and conditions, they are able to develop thick coats of resin as protection.
Sativa, on the other hand, mainly affects the mind. Sativa is best suited for day use because it is more uplifting and energetic. Sativa allows you to bring your creative side out and can be used to treat ADD and mood disorders. Sativa contains a maroon color and its morphology is more thin and tall and takes a longer time to grow.

Lastly, there’s the Hybrid which is a mixture of both strains so there is a varying effect from both types.


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