Revenue of Marijuana

A few years ago, I was in a debate class and for our final project, we had a debate about whether marijuana should be legalized. I, of course, was all for legalizing marijuana. This being said, we did some pretty extensive research about marijuana. We learned that marijuana is not only a treatment for cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, etc; it can also be a profitable resourceful for our economy.

After Colorado legalized marijuana, studies have shown revenue going up due to the tax and regulation of the retail product. Not only has it helped the economy, reports have shown drug arrests had decreased  because many previous arrests were due to possession or use of marijuana. There has been research showing that the use of marijuana help with not only pain and nausea, but it can also increase appetite for patients. By legalizing marijuana, this will allow more appropriate research to be done on marijuana so people will have a better knowledge of marijuana. Although many smokers will not be happy about the new tax regulation on marijuana, it will be beneficial to the economy in the long run.


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