The History of Cannabis 101

Did you know that marijuana used to be legal and was the largest agricultural crop in the world because they produce hemp seeds. Hemp is the most durable natural soft fiber on the planet. From the 1600s up until the late 1800s, it was the world’s largest agricultural product. The use of hemp were produced in thousands of product. During the 1800s, cannabis was a popular medicinal substance that were being sold in many pharmacies across the nation. The first marijuana law in the United States was a law ordering farmers to grow hemp.

By the early 1900s, many officials in the government created false rumors and exaggerated stories about cannabis in order to stop people from using the drug and by making the drug illegal. However during the WWII, cannabis use was legalized again because the government decided again that hemp was a good thing. They even made a video called “Hemp for Victory,” because it was the world’s largest agricultural production. Once the war was over, it became bad again. In 1948, once again came the questions about whether marijuana is harmful to users. Finally, the people in Congress recognized marijuana was made illegal for the wrong reason. Because some of the officials in the government wanted the idea of marijuana being negative and dangerous, thus began all the misconceptions of marijuana use. To learn more about the history and industry of cannabis, check out this cool documentary call The Union.


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