The Union

In my previous post, I recommended watching the documentary about marijuana called The Union. This video breaks down how typically the union that forms in a grow house.

  • Home or land owner- He doesn’t have any responsibilities. He is legitimately the landowner of where the grow operation will take place. His hands are clean and if the operation ever get busted, he can claim ignorant.
  • Contractor- He is the one who provides the house with equipments, hires the grower or grows himself
  • Fall guy- He is usually the grower. If the operation is busted, he takes the fall.
  • Clippers- They are usually hired after the plant is matured. They prep the weed for distribution by trimming the leaves and stems.
  • Weed broker- They are not always required, but he is here to buy and sell the produce for him. If a broker is required, it usually means it is headed to the South of the United States.
  • Border Jumper- They are a risk taker, someone who is smart and brave enough to get the product over the border.

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