Tips to Enjoying Edibles

Everyone has that one friend who ate a whole brownie and got super blasted and was scared off weed for the rest of their lives. Here are some things you should know about edibles before taking them. 

First, check the doses for the edible you are taking.I strongly suggest starting off with a small dose first. I normally would start off with 10mg but if you’re worried that might be too strong, then just take half.

Something to keep in mind, when taking an edible, I would recommend not taking it on an empty stomach because it will hit you harder and more quickly

Next, be patient because edibles usually take about an hour or more before it hits. Many people had made the mistake of consuming more because they didn’t feel the edible taking effect. Consuming too much can give you an unpleasant outcome.

Lastly, make sure you’re in a comfortable environment so you can just relax and have a good time.


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