Blunts & Threads


So I just wanted to write about an experienced I recently had when I went to go get my eyebrows threaded… After smoking a fat blunt. Let me tell you something, not a good idea. Let me tell you why

I was in desperate need to get my eyebrows done for some time now and my friend introduced me to threading not too long ago. She told me it was better than waxing because threading was cleaner and it lasts longer. I tried it a couple times before and it was not that bad so I decided to stick to threading instead of waxing. My friend Eric picked me up and drove me to the mall so I can run this errand. We decided to smoke a blunt before going to the eyebrows store because he thought it would take a long time for me to get my eyebrows threaded. When we arrived, the lady in the front desk sat me down on the chair where customers got their eyebrows threaded at. The women working there came over and started threading my eyebrows. In the beginning, it felt nice and relaxing. For those who have never gotten their eyebrows threaded before, you’re suppose to hold onto your eyes a certain way and put pressure on in it in order for them to remove your eyebrow hairs. The women asked me to put my hands on my right eye and hold on tight, which I believed I did, however, within one minute, she repositioned my hands at least 6 times and asked me to hold on tighter. At this point, I started to panic because I felt like I was holding on tight and I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Suddenly, her body that was hovering over me started to make me super anxious. My heart was beating super fast and I couldn’t breathe. I quickly sat up and told her I wasn’t feeling well. After sitting there for a few minutes to try to collect myself, I called Eric over to tell him I wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, they were nice enough to let me leave without having to pay and told me to come back next time. (As if.) I quickly left the mall and inhaled the cold breeze outside the mall. My heart rate went back down and I started laughing. “What happened?” Eric asked. “I was so lit that lady threading my eyebrows started to trip me out so I end up having an anxiety attack” I responded. As embarrassing as that was, I think it’s safe to say, I will never go get my eyebrows threaded when I’m high ever again.


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