Top 10 Strains Part 1

I did a little bit of research to see what are some of the top strains of weed and here is a list I found. Many cannabis strains with over a 20% THC content has been considered the strongest strains in the world. Since there are so many strains, here is a list of strains I found that are considered to be the strongest strains due to their high THC content. 

Keep in mind, it may be impossible to say one strain is the strongest weed in the world because at the end of the day, it’s subjective.

  1. Critical Neville Haze- Metallic and incense flavor, with a highly euphoric effect. Average THC content: 23.5%
  2. G-13 Widow- Reportedly stolen from a secret CIA laboratory at the University of Mississippi. Average THC content: 23.77%
  3. Zensation- Long-lasting effect. Smells of juniper and cedar, with a slight cherry taste. Average THC content: 24.00%
  4. Banana Kush- Strong banana taste and smell, with a muscle relaxing, pain numbing effect. Average THC content: 24.19%
  5. Chemdawg- Strong smell of Pine-sol and jet fuel. Parent strain of many popular hybrids. Average THC content: 24.72%

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