Happy 420!


Hi everyone, I would like to wish you all a happy 420! I tried driving to Hippie Hill earlier located in San Francisco but all the entrances were blocked off.

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Blunts & Threads


So I just wanted to write about an experienced I recently had when I went to go get my eyebrows threaded… After smoking a fat blunt. Let me tell you something, not a good idea. Let me tell you why Continue reading

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Hempcon is a local convention show for medical cannabis. In the marijuana festival, you are able to experience exhibitions of dispensaries, collectives, cannabis caregivers, services, equipments, accessories and other cannabis related businesses. The convention is scheduled to be in multiple cities throughout the southwest.  Continue reading

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Activities to Do

What really got me into smoking was because I wanted to eat at All You Can Eat Restaurants and being the petite girl that I am, I could never eat much, but smoking definitely allowed me eat more. Eventually, smoking, eating and watching funny videos became one of my favorite things to do.

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Tips to Enjoying Edibles

Everyone has that one friend who ate a whole brownie and got super blasted and was scared off weed for the rest of their lives. Here are some things you should know about edibles before taking them.  Continue reading

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Celebrities Who Smoke Part 2

Here’s a continuation of celebrities who enjoys cannabis and I would like to someday share a blunt with. It’s nice to know some of these celebrities enjoy the same hobbies as yourself.

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Celebrities Who Smoke Part 1

I’m sure being a celebrity can be extremely stressful. Anyone who smokes are considered cool in my opinion. Here’s a list of celebrities who smokes marijuana; I don’t mind smoking a blunt with them one of these days. #bucketlist Continue reading

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